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20160516_151951“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Quote often attributed to Franklin D. Roosevelt

I do not usually cover what some might call “conspiracy” but I do believe in deeply analyzing socio-political issues.  We need to investigate far beyond what the corporate press feeds us and sometimes…sometimes one has to ask if two seemingly unrelated issues might indeed be related under the surface. The case in point here, and bear with me it might seem far-fetched, but could the whole controversy with breaking gender barriers in reference to bathrooms in the USA be connected to aims of the military-industrial complex? I mean…could it be true, at least indirectly?  Let’s just throw it out there and see what happens.

Two things are a bit suspicious here. The first is why the federal government, all of a sudden, is urging public schools nationwide to allow transgender students to be able to use the bathroom they choose despite their sex at birth.  The second is timing of something that again may seem unrelated, that of moving towards the policy of allowing women to serve in combat roles as well as mandating they be included in draft registration.  Note: I am not going to address the issue of transgender youth or adults.  I want to deal with the possible underlying motives of the people who run the nation.

So let’s look at what many people see as an issue of “modesty” or appropriate separation of the sexes.  Okay, I see the concern, that eventually we will start allowing men to use the women’s bathroom…men who are anatomically male but identify as female. I get it. However I would personally like to see a change in our facilities themselves – do as they do in Scandinavia and have individual toilets inside a closet, not the so-called barriers between toilets that provide virtually no privacy.  I also have heard people saying that the Obama suggestions would eventually lead to men being let into the women’s showers.  I do not think that is the goal of most people supporting this change of policy but here is where we can tie in the possible military connection.

Follow me here. We shall start with entertainment. What? Where is the tie-in? One cannot divorce the military from popular entertainment.  This relationship started in WW2 and we all have probably seen the cartoons featuring what we often think of as children’s entertainment characters fighting Japanese and German soldiers.  It did not end there however. For instance, the Pentagon has been accused of actually influencing plots in films (check “Iron Man and Transformers Censored by US Military for Getting too Close to the Truth” in the July 11th, 2015 Mirror).  Now I cannot prove anything but I have noticed that in science fiction since the late 1990s it seems the norm that in the depiction of military combat units they feature women fighting along-side men.  So while few nations have women included in front-line forces the media appears to be slowly getting us used to it, and that is how attitudes are influenced, and when attitudes change that makes for policy changes.

In the May 13th Reuter’s article, “Congress Moves Closer to requiring Draft Registration for Women” it is noted that the Senate Armed Services Committee and the House Armed Services Committee have approved proposals that would require young women to register for the draft.  And Defense Secretary Ash Carter has announced that all combat positions be open to women.

So again, the relationship?  Well, many people, especially social conservatives, might wonder how living quarters, restrooms, showering…you know, the concerns that center around biology and gender, might complicate women serving with men, especially if registration evolved into compulsory military service for young men and women.  Could the push for restrooms in the USA to move away from biological segregation be connected to the idea that erasing norms that mandate separation could facilitate a new expectation that appears more like those movies where you have male and female soldiers using the same bathrooms and showering together?

I suppose my point is ultimately I do not trust that the federal government would take the issue to the lengths they have without some other agenda.  Personally, I do not see that big of a deal with transgender people using whatever bathroom they want. There are people who are genetically male who have undertaken transformations that make them look quite female and vice versa.  And if people are worried about the sexual aspects I can guarantee that if you use a public bathroom there are people who of your own biological gender who feel attracted to other members of their own biological gender.  Again, I hate using American public bathrooms as there is little privacy afforded by stalls and I prefer privacy at home and away from home. Seriously, does anyone really want to be subjected to the knowledge that the person next to you ate something earlier that really disagreed with them?

As for the idea of showering I again think that facilities can be set up to afford privacy. Many children cringe at the idea of showering after PE around their peers regardless the biological gender. Now those who have read my “Freedom from Conscience” books might feel that an odd position for me to take as my main protagonist, Melanie Lindberg, sees nudity as a form of personal and spiritual expression. However the context is choice.  If someone wants to go to a hot spring in Oregon or Washington and sit in a pool with a group of naked hippies and yuppies then what of it? The ones that have bathrooms are still private, and as they are private there is no need for “men” and “women” signs on the doors.

So ultimately, aside of my suspicion that this whole national issue has other motivations (at least in regards to the government), the most practical solution would be to design bathrooms with complete privacy, especially in public schools.  There are nations in Europe where this is the norm. If they can do it so can we.