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What do you get when you have a story that involves a young female state senator, a Russian seeking the whereabouts of her sister, Chechen mobsters and corrupt police?  The plot of my new novel in the “Freedom from Conscience” series, “Descent into Darkness” is what you have.



This is where the series enters into the world of politics. Of course the heroine, Melanie Lindberg, is the center of the action. She is a wife, mother…oh yes, and a woman who has tried to put her past life as a vigilante serial killer behind her.  Yet her experience and skills may come in handy. You see, as she helps a young Russian woman investigate the fate of her sister, and their research takes them to the conclusion she may have become the victim of sex traffickers, Melanie’s own family is targeted and almost killed. That is when they have to take their investigation further and go undercover in a local strip club owned by some shady Chechen mobsters.

Melanie is forced to put everything on the line – her reputation if she is recognized and her life if her suspicions are correct. The story explores the darker side of the sex industry as you see it through her eyes.  And of course there is an aspect of government corruption that not only involves police but maybe even politics at the highest levels.

The story is one that involves a political undercurrent, but is not a political novel. As with the other books in the “Freedom from Conscience” series a great deal of the plot centers around psychology and philosophy played out against a dangerous side of society. Ultimately it is up to the reader to determine for themselves if the main character is an angel of light or if the psychopathic nature of her soul is befitting the dark environment she has descended into.

This novel stands on its own overall. One can start and within a few pages you know who your main characters are and what has led them to this stage of their lives. So yes, you can easily read this as an introduction to the series.  So if you want to read a story that will leave you in suspense, where two young women risk their lives for the ones they love and, eventually, realize how the bigger world operates you are invited to get a copy of the novel and enter a dark, but exciting, adventure.

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